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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hey there, I'm Bernardo Melotti, a 17-year-old Italian student ignited by an unquenchable passion for science. Welcome to my virtual space, where I'm thrilled to share the incredible process of crafting a Hirsch-Meek variation of a Fransworth Fusion Reactor, a device that, through nuclear fusion, can literally create a small star.

When I'm not buried in textbooks, I’m in the lab that I created in my grandparents garage, embracing challenges and bringing my ideas to life with my hands. My free time is all about turning dreams into reality, and my current goal? To become the youngest Italian to build a functional Farnsworth Fusor. Throughout this journey, I found it very hard to gather coherent and reliable information, so I’ll try to explain my building process as meticulously as possible. This website is my canvas to paint the story of my journey – the successes, the learning curves, and the moments that make it all worthwhile. Join me in unravelling the magic of science as I embark on this electrifying mission.

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